It's A New Year

So, finally, we're out of 2007 and into 2008 proper. How do I know this? The fact the boy is back at school. Yes folks, three days in, and he's back in education. On a Thursday, no less. Two days of school, then it's the weekend - which, as you can tell, has me slightly bemused. The school says it's to get the kids "back into the routine of school". Of course, it's more like they want to improve their numbers for the powers that be.


With germs being rampant in me through Xmas and into New Year, the cold has finally left. Of course, others out there aren't so lucky. Lane was sick all through Xmas Week, and spent New Year in her PJs. Mand was ill New Years Day and ended up in hospital. Jo spent most of New Years Day in bed (self-induced, no less). Steve has developed Man Flu. Amber and Pete have stinking colds. Plus a few friends out there had some real hassle with family, friends, partners...

But hey, *I* don't have germs!

Of course, the last two nights have been so restless it's not even funny. Having to carry Someone home does wonders for a dodgy spine. Yesterday and today my back is giving me some serious shite.

But anyway, with it being a new year, I'm aiming to be a little more upbeat. Flicking back through the crapfest that was my blog in 2007, there just seems to be so much whining and whinging and "woe-is-me" rubbish, I hope this year is a bit better. I'm feeling pretty good at the moment - things going on in life that make me smile, staying positive and suchlike. The last few years, December through till March have been shit to the extreme. January and February are usually massively depressing - missing Bethy, her birthday is the 15th of this month, and she became an angel on Feb 21st - not to mention Xmas, New Year and all the stupid things I remember on certain dates.

So while it is usually crap, I'm a lot more focused and positive this year. I don't doubt for a minute that there will be shit days, but it's getting different. Not better, it will never be better, just different.

Aside from the alteration in my frame of mind, I'm also aiming at shedding a junk load of weight. I've set up another blog that is currently empty, that will have a track of how well I am doing in regards to become less of a person ;) Other than that, I don't do resolutions. They are too easily broken. I just WANT to lose weight.

And of course, I aim to make the blog a little more interesting. I'm not sure how yet. I am holding off as well as I can with messing with the template. I can handle it. I am still refusing to put ads on here of any kind - no google ads, no popups, nothing. Sure I might make money with it, but I don't want people to read my blog in think I am doing it for commercial reasons.

Of course, if someone wants to buy me a spanky new laptop or even a macbook, then who am I to complain ;)

Maybe I should make a resolution to become a toyboy to an ailing millionaire heiress and become a kept man.

Back on track, mind out the gutter. I am contemplating working on some Audio Posts or even Video Posts for the blog. I have a semi-decent webcam, which has a mic built in, so I might be able to manage that. There is, of course, the whole "EEEEEK" aspect of it - I hate my voice and especially hate my physical appearance so I need to deal with that first :D

Anyhoo - stick around, enjoy your stay, I'm sure something will happen at some point...

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4 Responses to “It's A New Year”

Daddy Cool said...

oooOOOoo I love it when something happens.

Vidcasts are awesome. I love seeing the little windows into other people's lives.

debbie said...

I have just got a book Dan on how to loose weight, may be a gimmic but I will put it on my blog

Phoenix said...

I am wiv u on weight loss baby so we shall do it together. oo er :-)


Posh Totty said...

Can I join your lil team of weightloss groupies too please ;o) ..... hehe yup im another fatty needing to become less of a person.

But good luck with it, am here with help if you need me ;o)