Kids TV

Being that I have always been a bit of a kid, I don't mind watching kids TV, even today. To be honest, I'd rather watch original Tom & Jerry or the old Warner Bros cartoons that a lot of the crap on TV today.

There are some programs that Tam and Jaysen watch that I think are pretty good. Spongebob, Ben10, Samurai Jack, Peppa Pig - I can honestly sit and watch them and not want to claw my eyes out.

On Nick Jnr of late, there have been adverts for something I've never seen. I'd seen a plushie here, or a toy there, but never thought much of it. Over the last few days, they've been showing clips of this show, and I can honestly say I have sat there, open-jawed and wondering three simple words.

Now, the version over here, like a lot of kids shows, the "fake" characters are dubbed over with English actors, but none the less...

Can someone - ANYONE - please explain to me what the hell Yo Gabba Gabba is all about. Tam sits there with an expression akin to my Three Words (WTF). One trailer has Elijah Wood (aka, Frodo) doing a Puppetmaster dance, and it looks waaaay freaky.

So thank you to the crazies across the pond - we have another of your freaky kids shows :D

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8 Responses to “Kids TV”

Gina said...

And I thought The Powder Puff Girls were bad enough..
Gina x

gemgems said...

I thought WTF too but I think it might be something that amuses Amy. Either Elijah is desperate or on drugs!

Raise your knee raise your other knee raise your foot raise your other foot walk in a circle, do the puppet master.

The new one is wait your turn although no one famous on it.

Anonymous said...

oh dear

debbie said...

OMFG never seen it, looks like they have bought monster munch crisps to life,, thank god I dont have Nick Jnr Channel..

The Random One said...

My brother watches that D: D: D:

It's... bizarre.

The Sween! said...

The theme tune sounds like a song that should be in a nintendo game & a happy hardcore song!

Dan said...

clearly you ARE all crazy for taking the teletubbies in the first place...... ah HA!

Daddy Cool said...

The E-Man loves this show and I get 25ish minutes of quiet. So, I'm a big fan of the Gabba. Is it trippy? oh yeah, but it does have some good lessons and it's all in good fun.