Germs In The House

As seems to be a bit of theme for British Bloggers at the moment, once again there are germs lurking in the house. It apparently wasn't enough for me to be poorly over Christmas. Within a couple of days into 2008 I started feeling a bit icky, and generally poop again.

Added to this, me and Jo have stomach aches, which have kept us awake most of the night. Plus with her "time of the month" visiting... Yep, it's all fun and games. Between stomach aches keeping us awake, her time of the month and my germ-filled head, everything is just peachy at the moment.

Touch Wood so far the kids are fine. Jaysen was taken in to school by Ruth this morning, and Tam is - as I write this - being moody because I won't let her eat crisps.

Anyways, thanks to everyone that has suggested help with my shaving - I have a half dozen different things to try out over the coming weeks, so thank you all :)

And to who ever asked about my phone plan - the Unlimited Texts apply to UK phones only. And according to the small print "Unlimited" means "3000"... Fair Usage Policy and all that ;)

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3 Responses to “Germs In The House”

Jase said...

Yikes, theres a hell of a bug going around this country at the moment. I wake up every morning expecting to spend my day with my face down the toilet.

Get well soon!

Unknown said...

for petes sake, you sound like you live in a sick ward. i swear, i am going to send you vitamin C, echinacea and goldenseal, zinc, and whatever else i can think of to prevent illness if only to turn off the broken record for a while! ;)

wuahhh wuahhh wuahhhh

Dan said...

I think I might have MRSA or something.
Or avian flu :D