Musical Monday #27 - Fear of the Dark

Some days I like to listen to quiet music.

Today is not one of those days. Some days I love to turn it up, listen to the kick ass guitar work in a classic rock track, and let's face it, that's usually down to Iron Maiden.

Fear of the Dark is one of those tracks I used to listen to when I left school and did the whole College-Thing. Hell, back then, my walkman took TAPES. Jaysen can't get his head around tapes. CD's and Digital Music he can grasp, but magnetic media - not a chance. Bless

Rock On!

(Yes yes, it's Tuesday, but my body clock is broken. And it's my blog)

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One Response to “Musical Monday #27 - Fear of the Dark”

The Random One said...


This Musical Monday = win! :D

If you ever get the chance... see them live. O.O