Voice Gremlins

I feel rough. We all know this. Yesterday I could tell from my throat that I would wake up silent this morning. And I did. I've tried talking and as per usual, sound like a sick Ringwraith, rasping away.

But it hurts.

On top of this, my head is totally clogged up, and my sinuses are trying to force themselves out through the front of my face. Yeah, I feel sooo good.

Jo is still poorly too which makes this even more fun, plus she's dealing with a monthly guest which is even more fun.

If anyone happens to come across my voice, please clean the dust off it, and send it back. I might not like the sound of it, but demanding a cup of tea is so much more difficult without it, and the only sign language I know doesn't tend to get me what I want.

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One Response to “Voice Gremlins”

debbie said...

Sorry honey, mine needs to be found too, instead of this Horse one I have right now, along with a cough