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As is usually the case of late, I've not so much been "tagged" but have "borrowed" or "acquired" the memes on here.

And this one is no different. The first tagged of 2008, with thanks to Mand who I stole it from this morning. I would have done it earlier, but have been helping noobs out in Warcraft. Coincidentally, the noob I've been helping is the very person I stole the meme from.

So when she vanishes from the face of the earth, check inside Warcraft - she'll probably be fighting the forces of evil in there. Which is why Jo's blog is so quiet too, because she's also wandering WoW.

*ahem* Anyways, with me having no voice, here's the thingiemajigg.

Nosey Meme

- Do you talk in your sleep?
Sometimes, apparently.

- Whats your favorite colour jelly?
Strawberry, with ice cream.
Or anything of the vodka-variety

- Whats the song that's getting on your nerves right now?
The theme music for Yo Gabba Gabba

- Current Crush?
Such a list...

- Whats your favourite colour?
Dark blue

- Window or aisle seat?
Window - aside from not getting smacked by nasty stewardesses, I like to see where I'm going to crash

- Ever met anyone famous?
The guy that plays Lurtz the Urak-Hai from Lord of the Rings

- Do you feel you've had a truly successful life?
I've love, great kids, friends... In that respect, yes.

- Do you Twirl or Cut your spaghetti?
Twirl every time. Cut spaghetti is the devil.

- Dr Phil or Oprah Winfrey?
Chat shows? Me??

- Basketball or Football?
Neither, not a sports person

- How long do your showers last?
In a rush, I can be done in minutes. Being lazy and trying to chill, anything up to 45 minutes

- Do you know how to drive a car?
In theory I do.

- Are you Self-conscious?
Very very. I worry about my looks, my voice, my smell, and don't understand what there is to like about me.

- Have you ever given money to a bum?
Several times.

- Where do you wish you were?
In the same place as my voice ;)
Otherwise, somewhere warm and sunny.

- Have you ever ridden in an Ambulance?
I think I could count it as a second home...

- Can you Tango?
People with feet my size don't dance. Or, rather, don't find dance partners!

- Last gift you received?
A Stollen cake from the In Laws

- Last sport you played?
The Hundred Litre Piss

- Things you spend money on?
I don't spend money - Jo doesn't need help in that department.

- Favourite fast food restaurant?
Burger from Burger King
Fries from KFC
Milkshake from McDonalds

- Most hated food?
Fish Fingers. Blergh!

- Can you sing?
Not even slightly - which is why I don't

- Last person you called?
Virgin Media to pay my bill

- Whats your least favourite chore?
Folding laundry or washing cutlery.

- Favourite drink?
Non-Boozy: Cream Soda
Boozy: Jack Daniels & Coke

- Are you a Vegetarian?
Nope, but I COULD be as I love veggies too.

- Do you believe in Heaven?
Heaven, most certainly. All the religious gumpf that goes with it - not even slightly.

- Do you miss someone?
Very much so

- Have you ever come close to dying?
Several times :D

- Are you eating?
I just finished my sugar puffs

- Do you eat the stems off broccoli?
Yes, but if it's a massive one, I leave it. Or give it to the rats

- Do you wear makeup?
Not any more.

- Whats your worst fear?
So. Many.

- Would you ever have plastic surgery?
In a heartbeat

- What do you wear to bed?
Boxers, if anything.
Or just a smile ;)

- Have you ever done anything illegal?
I do believe I will be ignoring this question...

- Do you ever want to get married?
One day we probably will...

- What kind of trainers do you usually wear?
The sort that fit ;) Otherwise, they have to be reeeeally comfy as I am a fussy git with trainers.

- Future childs names?
I quite like the name "Tarren" but not sure if it's a boy or girl name.
NOT that we're having more!

- Do you snore?
Only when poorly. Besides, I'm too busy being kept awake by Jo snoring for me to snore.

- If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I'd love to see Egypt and Australia, not to mention visiting certain people in the States...

- Do you sleep with stuffed animals?
Jo or Tam count?

- If you won the lottery, what would you do first?
Debt paying, house designing/building, helping friends, having fun.

- Gold or Silver?
Silver - gold just looks kinda tacky...

- Hamburger or hotdog?

- If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Too many choices - toad in the hole probably!

- What was the last thing you touched?
My keyboard as I write this? Otherwise my mobile phone.

- Where did you eat last?
In the kitchen.

- When was the last time you cried?
A few days back I think.

- Do you read other peoples blogs?
I am a great stalker!
OK folks, your turn. I tag anyone that wants to do it. Steal away!

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5 Responses to “Tagged: The Nosey Meme”

Alan Fisher said...

your favourite colour is Dark Blue? I thought you'd be a more sort of interesting colour, like Orange or Purple?

Oh, well......

Laney said...

I'm having a go at this one Dan.

Posh Totty said...

Helping is that what you call it? .... I thought you were spying on me ;o) hehe

Anonymous said...

I would steal your meme, but I find (in general) the questions are inane. Favourite colour? Don't care and mine changes regularly anyway.

Now, I quite like lists. A little more fun, but I have already stolen one from you, so I'll have to think of my own ideas for posts... :-(


DriedPapercutsAndChickens said...

how do you know what your favorite color is?