Back To It

With me having felt rough all week - the week Jaysen is off school no less - and doing nothing but fight the powers of daytime TV and falling asleep on the sofa, we decided this afternoon to head to a friends for dinner. Nothing fancy, but the kids played in one room, we had "adult" conversation in the other. My week off from school runs, early mornings and cleaning school uniform was replace by feeling pants.


I still don't feel great - though, of course, eating that tub of Amaretto Ice Cream certainly didn't help matters - but we came home early in order to get an early night. We had company all weekend, and now the house is quiet again, it's nice to drop my jeans, put my feet up, and burp foamy almond burps.

Damn ice cream.

Of course, having to get up at the arse-crack of Monday morning should be interesting, as I've been dealing with evil insomnia once again. Well, partly it's insomnia, partly it's napping during the day frying the poor body clock. But I've been dozing during the day and up from about midnight till some silly hour, either playing games, reading the internet, hassling people on MSN or, er, playing more games.

Last night I was up till gone five in the morning, the night before was 4am, and the night before that was 3am. To add insult to injury, I've been getting up against at around half eight, just a few hours later.

I can't say it's doing me any good, what with the date that is up coming, not to mention random stuff that I don't blog about getting into my head. When I am tired, I dwell on things, I replay events over and over in my head until they are completely different from the actual event, and, in general don't do myself any favours.

So, tomorrow morning I should be up early, get Jaysen sorted and get out to pay bills and buy some of that pesky food stuff the kids seem to need every day or two. I am hoping that by keeping busy I will be knackered but stay up, have another early night and get the body clock back onto GMT-London. Which means I am going to bed early, like, in about 10 minutes. I am so manly.

And I must buy some more ice cream tomorrow...

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2 Responses to “Back To It”

Em's way said...

hehe , half term is just beginning here !!

Nancy Jensen said...

I've been sick since Christmas too! I've had it with not feeling well. If you find the magical cure, let me know!