Musical Monday #31 - Rock Star

I seem to be getting a theme of Musical Monday posts, and I am sorry for those that don't like it. That trend seems to be rather "rocky" songs, but to be fair, they all do in fact kick arse.

While most of them have been older songs I used to listen to, I decided to break the mold with a recent song. A new(ish) song in fact.

Having company this weekend with a like-minded guest, it was inevitable we'd get onto the subject of music, and he pointed out Nickleback - Rockstar. I listened to it and loved it right away. So I listened to it constantly a couple more times, and it got better and better. And for a nice change, the video is actually the one for the song, so it's worth watching for once!

Volume: increase it!

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6 Responses to “Musical Monday #31 - Rock Star”

The Random One said...


Mary Fran Muir said...

I LOVE this song,,,actually had it for my musical monday months ago.

The Sween! said...

This song rocks!

Shiny Demon said...

No doubt it's a top song. Unless you hear it on Radio 1 and they block out the word drug.

Little Nut Tree said...

Well - I'd never heard that before and I abso-loooot-ly loved it! And when BN comes in with ma tea I'm gonna make him listen to it too! :)

Good one!

Smitty said...

i was going to write a long winded comment about how much i hate this song, how nickleback/puddle of mudd/hinder and the rest of those bands that you cant tell apart are the BANE of my existance, but instead, i'll just leave you with this.