Feeling Off

Yet again, last night was a crap night. I went to bed hurting, took what felt like forever to get comfortable and even longer to fall asleep, only to be waking up too hot, too cold, hurting some more, feeling shit... Last night seemed to last forever.

When the alarm finally went off, I just lay there and hit snooze. I never hit snooze. I just lay there trying to find the oompf to get up. I hit snooze again and didn't get up till nearly seven, paced around the house trying to work out what the hell I was doing, till I finally got in the shower.

Once I got out, I kinda just... Sat. No drive, no energy. My get-up-and-go has emigrated. I feel sad, even though the sun is out. I'm tired, but dozing during the day just makes me feel like arse. Jo went out to get the stuff to make Wife Soup to cheer me up, so while she was peeling and grating, I washed up.

I ended up having Ruth take Jaysen in this morning, and I'm not sure if I have the energy to get up and get him from school - I think I'll try bribing Jo to get him so I don't have to get up.

I can't place what's wrong - lots going on in my head, compounded with being completely knackered doesn't help matters. I can't be bothered with WoW, with Hellgate, with Facebook... I've poked through various sites and blogs this morning, but am now just watching a DVD with Jo.

Think I need more tea and a good nights sleep!

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9 Responses to “Feeling Off”

debbie said...

I hope you have a better nights sleep tonight, and you just sit and chill out this evening, maybe you have a cold or Danflu comming..

Hope you feel better soon Dan

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna make a few broad assumptions here and suggest that you need more sex. I'm certainly not suggesting anyone other than Jo, but on the odd occassion when I have had similar issues, that has helped a lot.

Either that or become an MP. If you can't be a useful member of society, you might as well make it official.

The Random One said...

Wife soup? Made with all your wives? :O

Feel better. :/

debbie said...

hey Dan, just wondered do you drink Green leaf tea pre with like apple or pear.. its high in antioxidents and gets rid of all the rubbish in your body,, I have it 3 times a day and is pretty good,, wife soup sounds great to me Dan too.. and a bit of TLC..

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan,

Hope you get your mojo back soon! You'd be surprised with what soup, sex and sleep can fix! ;-)!


Krista Long said...

We all have those days. Don't feel guilty about needing to take care of yourself :)

The Wife Soup sounds good. It is 83 F here today, though, so I think I would rather have a salad.

Anonymous said...

Ok mr I think I know whats wrong. You didn't get to remind me to take my meds first today LOL and your sulking. Only kidding, you need NIGHT sleep not day sleep and not overdo things like I told you b4. You have been doing way too much.

Try and chill sweetie I am sure it will all be better soon. Mwah.

debbie said...

HI Dan,

I hope you have had a better nights sleep honey and feeling your old self again :)

g-man said...

I'll second a good night's sleep. I am having similar issues this morning. It is one thing when you have been up all night and feel like crap in the morning. It is quite another to assume that you have slept and still feel like you have been up since the dawn of time.

I hope you get your needed rest.