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Last night, with the kids well drugged put to bed, me and Jo sat down to watch a movie - seems like a while since we managed to sit and pretend to be adults, but sit we did and pretend we did. We even had snacky food without it getting stolen!

We ended up watching Run Fatboy Run which has one of our favourite actors, Simon Pegg. The movie is a borderline chick flick/rom-com, but because it's Simon Pegg, we can overlook that part. Plus, we love Hank Azaria as well, so it was all kinds of funny. Well worth a watch and lots of laughs.

Otherwise, I've had a fairly lazy day... Feet up, relaxing and fighting sleep around lunchtime. Otherwise, those that are looking for it, the webcam is off for the time being while I wait for my new one to arrive - still no sign of it. The company that sent it are checking the tracking but it's not looking good, so I could have another in a few days. *touch wood* Anyways, Jo has stolen my other camera (which had Vista issues anyway) for her Skype needs.

And on the Skype front, I've gotten around to A) Reinstalling, and B) Putting a link to it up there top-right. If you have Skype, clicking that link should start a call. Maybe ;) Anyway, I've rehashed that "Find Me" part of the page so it should show my EMail, MSN, Skype, WoW and Facebook. For those that don't know, Skype lets you phone other users, and if you add credit, you can phone landlines/mobiles. Makes international calling cheaper (In the case of the relatives in Brunei) and makes those that gossip spend less (In the case of those that natter on the phone constantly)

Anyway, with the weather being so sunny today - me without a coat and all - I've been in a really good mood for most of the day. A few snarky comments that have threatened to piss me off, but otherwise, all is cool.

Now you'll have to excuse me, the girls want to straighten my hair...

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