Is it just me today, or is Google on a real go slow? I've done a few blog posts, tried various searches and suchlike, and it's taken ages to spit out results or my posts. My last post too three attempts to publish without timing out.

At first I thought it was something on this end - perhaps loads of shite running on our machines, perhaps the router having a brain-fart. I was making excuses because, let's face it - Google doesn't go slow. I've rebooted, cleared files, tidied stuff, but nothing. So I tested other sites elsewhere on the net.

Forgive me, I even did some Yahoo searches. I sold my soul to the devil. But it was in the name of science, I swear. I even went to the secondary devil, my ISP, to see if they were having problems, but nope, aside from various regional issues, nothing affecting me.

Not to mention, Jaysen is playing WoW without any problems at all.

So it would seem Google is having problems... I think I might faint.

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Posh Totty said...

Iv had a site maintence warning thingy pop up for the past few days when I sign in, so maybe it was something to do with that.

Dan said...

Ahhh maybe - I don't tend to need to sign in to Blogger or Google, it does it auto-magically for me :)

In fact, the only place I DO need to sign in is the bank, because even *I* am not that silly...

Mark said...

Probably a google fart at the thought of Bill Gates buying Yahoo in a hostile sort of way! ah competition is sooo good!