In The Garden...

Sadly, it's not my garden that has been attacked by a Dan today - we're waiting for our fence to be replaced before ours gets a kicking. No, today me and Jo (plus the kids, of course) went over to Ruths where her fella Paul was ready to attack a bramble patch.

Last year we did the same thing, and planned to get rid of it once and for all. But we kinda sorta forgot. So the brambles this year were bigger, meaner and thicker than last years crop. But, with me armed with a massive pair of blunt sheers and a wobbly saw, I set to hacking, chopping and demolishing, while Paul pulled back and dumped.

Jo and Ruth stood on the sidelines rar-rarring us in their cheerleader outfits*, providing us with food, drink, coffee and alternative methods of cheering on the menfolk**.

In the end, the testosterone got the better of me, and I set to hacking back some tree-branches with afore-mentioned wobbly saw so the end of the garden gets a bit more "light" and a lot less "tree dumping leaves and shade"

Paul suffered a serious hand injury*** while I suffered several minor cuts that will add to my manly prowess. I should mention I'm wearing shorts, a top, and big clompy boots. Hear me roar, for I am Dan - Killer of Brambles!

Of course, now the manly hormones have subsided, the aches have kicked in, so here I sit, feet up, eating chocolate, staving off a headache and ignoring the screaming coming from my back and legs.

What a good plan for a Sunday!

*may be untrue
**may also be untrue
***he might be a wimp

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The Random One said...

***might get stolen from Dan...