It's About Time Too

While it might be a month late, I've decided today that this is the day I will start my diet, start to work on being less flabby and getting myself somewhat more healthy.

I sat chatting with a friend last night and explained why I've not started properly yet. I say "explained" but I realised it sounded more like excuses. Yes, it's a shitty time of the year for me, but what does that have to do with eating better and not doing anything to lose weight. I'm down in the dumps, so maybe I needed to do something to keep me occupied.

So this morning, I walked. I aimed to walk for "about an hour" in a pretty much random direction. Jo bought me a pedometer to work out the distance/calories and suchlike, but being the oh-so-smart banana that I am, I forgot it.

So anyway, I set off this morning at 1045 for my planned "hour". And got back in at 1153. 1hr 8mins. Not bad.

At first I felt a big sore and hurty, and while I am still hurting, I am going to push on and get on with it, as it were. But walk I did, a pretty impressive distance to boot. Click the piccy to see my route (which, as I said, was completely random):

As for distance and suchlike, I'm putting these numbers up here for others to check my workings:

Duration: 1hr 8mins
or: 68mins
converted to 4080seconds (68mins *60)

I walk at approx 18 steps every 10seconds

4080 seconds, / 10 = 408 * 18steps = 7344 steps

Each of my steps is approx 85-95cm, using the lower number, 7344*85 = 624,240cm

Using the converter Here = 3.88miles, or 6.24km
And working with various sites, it looks like I burned 400-600 calories!

From tomorrow, I'm going to put all the info on my Lardy to Healthy blog in order to track weight loss, measurements, distances and suchlike. All I need now is lots of incentive to keep it going...

Wish me luck!

Edit: Whoo now we've run out of bread, so I'm off to Asda. On foot!
Edit2: Walking to Asda, around the store, and then home (with shopping), 5151 steps, 2.44 miles, 139 calories.

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3 Responses to “It's About Time Too”

debbie said...

Well done to you Dan,, I bet Sally enjoyed it, well I hope you took her too,, if you can do that every other day Dan you will feel tonnes better too, then add is some weights you will look fab in no time,,

Dan said...

I contemplated taking the dog, but not sure she could handle it - plus walking around the roads, aiming not to stop, she's get pissed off - I might add dogwalking a bit later on top of distance walking - walk in the morning, sally walk in the evening.

Im not in any rush to lose the weight and get into shape - slow and steady and all that :)

Posh Totty said...

Well done, I wish I had your motivatiuon right now, thats so what I need to be doing.

I used to walk everywhere, we could easily walk 12 miles on a sunny day just for the sake of getting out the house, but since having the car, iv become so lazy and cant remember the last time I walked anywhere.

Im so lazy now, I will even jump in the car and drive to Tesco rather than walking to the corner shop *blush*

I dont know how I became so lazy, coz I actually really enjoy walking too .... I guess its just too easily done once you have a car.