Smart Ass

Yep, done just using the sounds from Windows... It's not a new thing to do, mind you, and I remember another, older version:

Wish I could do something like that! Sadly, this poor blogger is about as talented as a leopard at a stripes convention.

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4 Responses to “Smart Ass”

Em's way said...

oooh very clever lol

A New Me said...

Very Cleverm but also must have a lot of time on there hands too

A New Me said...

Oh by the way that was Debbie,, forgot to sign out of other blogger

Stuart Wilson said...

The first video is VERY easy to do - The song was created using ModPlug Tracker - a simple program (one that I use to write music) that allows you to record seperate 'tracks', and then allows you to play them back all together.

I think I may have a go at making one!!!!