The Sun Came Out...

I do believe that since Christmas I have not "been well" for one single day. I feel tired, drained - exhausted - and the headache/sore throat/snottiness is getting very very boring now. However, aside from a few days of just vegging out on the sofa and, shockingly, sleeping during the day, I've been pressing on as best I can.

However, today, the sun is out and while I slept in for a stupid length of time - something else I don't do - I am taking advantage of the nice looking weather. All the curtains are open and I am bathed in sunlight. Granted I am freezing my nuts off, but none the less, the sun is nice.

Last night, we decided that we all fancied some pancakes. Well, aside from Tam - she doesn't like them, the little freak. So, I did something I have not done in a long time. I made a large batch. Yesterday was a long day, and I've been stressy and pissy all week, and didn't care what I ate.

And so Dan cooked. And tossed flipped pancakes for an eternity. And the plate of pancakes became a little mound, a heap, a pile, a tower...

That, folks, is a pile of 38 pancakes. There would have been more, but I got bored with the dregs in the bowl and poured three-pancakes worth of batter into the pan to save time.

The result? Jo, Jaysen and myself scarfing the worlds supply of pancakes. BUT don't think we're lardy fatties. No no, we left three. Which I might eat now.

Anyways, I am making the best of today - and prolly the weekend - before next week lands and saps my will ;)

And for the record, my new computer is completely set up to my liking - just getting used to Vista from XP, but it's not too different really. But it makes a nice change to play games without having a gale-force wind blowing around to keep it cool. It's nice to use a computer that works without randomly nosediving because I asked it to do something ;) You can see it here if you want, but it came from - strangely - a supermarket. A German-chain no less, that tends to sell rubbish.

Granted, it's not a supercomputer, but at the end of the day, it does what I want it to do, and it does it well. Warcraft, Half Life 2, Hellgate - it's all good!

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3 Responses to “The Sun Came Out...”

MrB said...

They arent bad units mate, do you mind me asking how much that came to? I have been tempted a few times to snap one up from the one in Wickford.

I take it you went to the Pitsea one?

Dan said...

Well, I'm running HalfLife 2 on here at full resolution (1280x1024) with all details cranked up without any issues. WoW runs like a dream at full res too.

And yes, we went to the Pitsea one, which received a full pallet of systems, £399 each. Jo was one of the first in there, and about half a doze were snapped up in a few minutes.

Good luck ;)

The Special Zipper said...

Man oh man ... that is one stack of pancakes. What are you running there ... a bed and breakfast or a halfway home or something?

Hope you are over the lurgy that has hung around here a while this year too!