High As A Kite

Yesterday evening at about eight o' clock, I started feeling a bit rough. Completely drained and hurting all over. I was so tired it wasn't even funny, but I soldiered on as best I could. By about ten, I had had enough, so opted for an early night, aided by medication. Paracetamol, Codeine, Tramadol, followed by flopping into bed.

Over the next hour, I went from the "Dammit this hurts" to "Not so bad" to "Mmm fuzzy" at which point I usually find myself waking up with a mouth like Ghandi's flip-flop. However, I was dancing the fine line between sleeping and awake but could not drift off to sleep.

Then, Stoned Dan started texting a few people. A couple replied, a couple didn't, but looking at my phone this morning, I was texting till gone 1am. I don't remember most of it.

My eyes popped open at about seven this morning and I felt like arse, rolled over and fell asleep some more, only to wake up just after nine and decide to phone Jo. On a video call no less.

Damn I looked sexy.

Today, I am still feeling a bit whoozey and suchlike, but am just being a lazy bastard. Jaysen made his own breakfast and lunch (I skipped, couldn't be arsed!) and I've been pottering around the internet all day. It's four in the afternoon already - my weekend has vanished into thin air AGAIN. Stupid weekend.

Probably best I move my fat lazy arse downstairs and make sure Jaysen has stuff for tomorrow at school. You know, like clothing.

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2 Responses to “High As A Kite”

Mrs. S. said...

That sounds terrible! Hope your 100% soon!

Posh Totty said...

Sounds like an ordinary day in Dan Land hehe!!