This morning, I didn't want to get up. I just couldn't be bothered. I lay there after turning off the alarm thinking "ugh can't be bothered" and put off getting out the bed for fifteen minutes, I finally clambered out and set to waking up the kids. Well, Jaysen woke up and got up.

Tam didn't want to know - she pissed around till 10pm. I was getting her up till nearly 7.45am when she finally came downstairs BUT she was cheerful which is all good.

That lazy fifteen minutes made me run late though - I showered, washed and dressed the kids, got them fed and sorted, but was late out the door. Halfway to school it threatened to rain but held off till I got in. Phew.

Got in and Tam helped with the laundry. Holy hell there is so much to be caught up on, but dammit I am winning THAT war. I washed up the few bits that had accumulated from the evening and morning, and then sat with Tam while Playhouse Disney was on, playing along with the stuff like patting tummies and what not.

Lane took the Peanut to Jo at about 11am and since then, aside from the occasional bit of laundry, hoovering and putting stuff away, I've done diddly squat. It feels strange. I feel like I should be doing so much more, but I'm not sure what to do. So I sat, feet up, emailing, browsing the web and doing nothing.

As the day starts drawing to a close, I find I am slipping a little back towards Unhappy, but Jaysen is home now so I am about to sort dinner, get tomorrows uniform ready and then, once he's showered and in bed... Who knows. I'll prolly be busy so I don't backslide more, or have an early night.

I'm still missing Jo like crazy, and hate that this is happening, but I am sure I can get through it.

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One Response to “Lazy”

debbie said...

hi honey, I think your allowed to be lazy, your body needs to rest at times,., sending you lots of hugs.. wish this was not happening either