Me and the Wee One had an early night last night. She fell asleep on me at around 6pm despite my best efforts to keep her awake. She was comfortable, snuggled, and the white noise of the hair dryer put her to sleep.

I got her onto the sofa and left the hair dryer running to keep her settled while I poodled around on Facebook and the internet, winning at Scrabble (a lot!) and trading in the lives of people in Human Pets and Owned.

Nothing more relaxing than buying pets from strangers in the world.

At around 9pm, Tam started to wake up. Not good. If she woke up properly, she would stay that way till, say, all night.

No, not good.

So I rushed around doing the night-time stuff; threw the dog out, dragged the cats in, sorted the washing machine and tumbler, locked doors and windows, dragged the dog back in, de-caked her muddy paws, fed the critters, grabbed two drinks, turned off lights, ran upstairs, put drinks down, had a wee, ran back downstairs to check the doors and windows were locked, also checked the smoke alarms, ran back upstairs...

And she was snoring on the sofa.

Well, I figured I'd get her into bed anyway, but she woke up as I tried to get her into her bed and did the clinging-on-the-neck thing, so I put her in bed with me.

I am such a soft touch.

She dozed and wanted to watched the laptop, so I put on old faithful, Samurai Jack. It engrosses her, I can't understand it. I mean, it very well made, but she just watches it quietly.

Stil, she started to doze and I started to doze and we were both asleep before 1030pm that night.

Of course, half six she woke up this morning, but laid with me cuddling till half seven when she decided that was enough of that, and we got up, got breakfast, got washed and dressed and, well... Aside from a few meal breaks, visitors, drinks and toilet breaks, we've done nothing today.

And Samurai Jack is still on!

We've sat and done some reading, we've played with some cars (she's such a tomboy), and we've done our own things as well. But generally, neither of us have had a pressing need to do anything.

Of course, breakfast was fine, as was a mid-morning snack, lunch and various drinks during the day, but the bad daddy award was presented to me at 7pm when i realised I'd forgotten to do dinner. Oops.

She's forgiven me, and I will attempt putting her to bed in about half an hour or so. Well, in theory. Chances are she will mosh around till my bed time, or thereabouts.

It's strange not having anything to do, and Tam is being a good little Peanut for me, so it's all good. I feel like I SHOULD be doing more around the house, but for today, I am doing nothing.

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2 Responses to “Lounging”

Deni said...

Hi Dan,
You are doing something..being there for your kids,They will always remember you as a caring Dad.
They grow up sp fast.I just realised that I might not be around when my litle Grands turn into teenagers...I wanted to tease their parents...what fun times 15 year olds are...
Hang in there Dan you are doing great...Deni

Little Nut Tree said...

You'll be fine. Already realising there's good stuff only days later shows what a strong person you can be... and being there for your kids is just right.

I feel so bad for you that you're having to go through this but I have a very good feeling that you'll get through to the other side just fine

keep it going x