Merry Easter!

Ho Ho Ho! I hope Father Easter Bunny on his sleigh pulled by little fluffy chicks has bought you what you wanted.

Hey... If they can put Easter Eggs in the shop in January, I cannot be considered strange... So with a nod to the two inches of snow that was here for a few hours today, I give my Easter Themed videos. Note, the second one is a bit bloody (from Passion of Christ) but it IS worth the watch if you're not offended by it, crucifixion and the rest of it.

Merry Easter to all, and to all a good night!


Now to finish the kids eggs for them...

Oh, anyone know if the Easter Bunny saw his shadow today? Doesn't that mean if he did we get forty days and forty nights of rain?

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One Response to “Merry Easter!”

The Random One said...

=D Yay for holiday confusion