Vista SP1

Those of you that have been reading for a while will remember the absolute nightmare I had when Microsoft released Service Pack 2 for Windows XP. For the strange reason of making my XP look different, the patch would not apply. I had a mission with it, but over the space of almost a week, I got it sorted.

Now fast forward to last week when I read the Vista is preparing for SP1. "Ut oh" thinks I, sitting in my mansion smoking my pipe. I adjusted my cravat and started reading about the Service Pack, looking for info from others that have done it and similar such reviews.

Like the previous Service Packs for previous versions of Windows, it fixes flaws, new updates, improves this or that and generally (should) help the computer. And, eventually, they will make it compulsory too no doubt. I keep my computers up to date anyway, but a big pack...

Well, it worried me.

So yesterday I set it to downloading (400+ Mb as I was doing the stand-alone version, sizes vary if you use Windows/Microsoft Update) and finally, after having a quiet five minutes, I double-clicked the bastard.

"May take an hour or more. Computer will restart several times. It is not advisable to use your computer during this process"

Bugger it.

Well, 30 minutes later, it's done. It's all installed, everything still works, I'm still online... In fact, it was completely painless. Which means this is a pointless post!

Of course, I still have to update the Laptop, so maybe will explode while that is happening!!

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