Baby Rae Update

Just a quick update... Information I am getting is, I think, 3rd hand at best. The good news is they have decided that whatever is going on is NOT urgent enough to whisk her straight to Guys/St Thomas' Hospital - usually the nasty CHDs are shot over by ambulance when necessary, so that's something.

As for her stopping breathing, or having problems breathing, again, I've heard two versions, and I'm not even sure if she's home or still in the local hospital - I THINK home. So again, good stuff.

They are getting an appointment for the Paediatric Cardiology team which, from personal experience, are top bananas and know their stuff, so they will be in the best hands. Once they've been, have a diagnosis, then I will shout for your CHD Peoples for information. I still don't know if it's the Pulmonary or Aortic Valve causing the shit, or what the actual problem is, but once I know, I will inform the world.

Then you can start working for me, my pretty little monkeys.

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2 Responses to “Baby Rae Update”

debbie said...

so pleased to hear that baby Rae is not an urgent case, and is going to be well looked after I feel,

fingers still crossed here for little Rae

The Special Zipper said...

pleased as well. Any baby with CHD is another one too many.

Aortic and Mitral valve problems (plus others) for us at this end .. not that means I know anything. We just wait and wait as long as we can after the two reconstructions of the Mitral valve and one of the aortic valve we have (well Connor has) already undergone.