The Demonstration Has Another Effect

Saturday saw me banned from Facebook.
Sunday saw the girls start the Save The Dan demonstration group on Facebook.

So YAY really ;)

Otherwise, I've had a manic day, shopping, cleaning, drinking white chocolate hot chocolate, shopping more, cooking, school runs... Not even 20:00 and I am knackered. BUT I'm not going to go to bed yet - I'm going to leave it a bit so I am TIRED when I go to bed!

Maybe tonight I'll sleep!

Otherwise, I've had a pretty good day, head is clearer after sorting through some stuff rattling around in it. People keep offering to help me go through it all, but... There's always a but, and this time, I can't go into it really. Very strange situation I find my head putting me in.

Cryptic I know, but who knows, one day I might get it sorted enough to blog.


So, good day, head in a good place once again and lots going on. But still banned from Facebook and still no contact from them. Pah.

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2 Responses to “The Demonstration Has Another Effect”

Nancy Jensen said...

So glad you had a good day. I can't wait to find out what facebook has to say for themselves and why they banned you. I hope you get back on there soon ... I miss you poking 3095483747 times a day. hehe!

Now you know that when you say things about how you are sorting things out in your head but you won't tell me what it is... it makes me all the more curious, right? Of course you know that... that's probably why you keep mentioning it - you are EVIL!!!!!! Of course I knew that already. At any rate, glad you are doing better.

Posh Totty said...

Shame you dont have a pay per view blog eh ;o)