On Being Banned

I wouldn't bandy the term "addicted" around very much usually, but I have noticed that I am rather... Well, bored. Usually when I get up, I check mail, stats, news, blogs, facebook. The last isn't just "checking", it's replying to messages, playing games, sending gifts, posting on walls, saying hi to friends.

I never had much in the way of applications unlike some people out there - my profile page usually loaded after a few seconds - but there were things on there I liked to do.

I'm still trying to think as to the why I got banned, and really cannot figure it out.

  • I sent 15 Ann Summers gifts out
  • I invited several friends to Owned and Scramble
  • I SuperPoked everyone with the Poke of the Day
  • I made nearly a million dollars buying and selling my friends
  • I took two surveys
  • I sent a half-dozen messages to my Aussie Stalker
  • I posted on a couple of other peoples Walls
  • I poked. As usual ;)
Now the ONLY thing that was different about yesterday was the poking strangeness and what I thought to be broken friend request. First, the poking. The only person on was Mel, discussing, er, stuff. I noticed that when I poked her back, another poke instantly appeared from her. I'm not talking with a few seconds delay, but instantly. The second thing was a friend request from Mels hubby. I clicked "confirm friend request" and went back to my front page, where there was a friend request from Mels hubby. Which I confirmed, only for it to get replaced by a friend request from Mels hubby, which I confirmed, and so on.

Typical bloody Australians get me banned it would seem ;) Wenches and Convicts the lot of em.

Other than that, I have NO clue what I could have done to earn myself a ban. That list is what I do pretty much every single morning. Then I am on and off facebook during the day as and when I get a chance. I'm still getting the "Your account has been disabled by an administrator" message trying to log in. No reply to the three emails I've sent them. Emmas group has started getting lots of members - I was in bed last night texting her names of people I could remember on there, but having NO head for names or anything, I was struggling. I was texting her names, she was hunting them down and sending them messages...

Only to get a warning for being a spammer! hehe

My StatCounter has shown that the group has doubled the traffic to my blog yesterday - from 80-100 hits to just over 200. Not too shabby really.

But I am bored. I don't play WoW all the time, and I've read the internet. Usually an evening unwinding would involve kicking arses at Scrabble or Word Twist, but not last night. If it gets too bad I might have to resort to drastic measures...


I might have to turn on the telly.

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4 Responses to “On Being Banned”

Anonymous said...

I've had that repetitive poke thing from Nutty Mummy actually! Yesterday every time I poked back, it was there again. Now I'm pressing ignore but it still comes back instantly.


debbie said...

what got my warning was posting 2 messages of a fun wall with pictures attacthed in 2 mins I got a warning that I was spamming and would be banned.

Unknown said...

hmmm .. I thought it was your drug reference. You now .. all the media about tidying up social networking. You mentioned on your profile you were taking drugs to go to sleep .. didn't mention they were prescription. I wondered whether someone went a little overboard on that one. Now how am I gonna get worth more with only one person wanting to buy the convict.

Anyone out there .. come and buy "tim downunder"

The Random One said...

How weird... I'm sure if they read the emails they'll sort it out. They probably just thought you were being a crazy spammer (and who's to say they're wrong? ;D)