Dirty Chav Scum

There are few things in this town that I disdain more than your average Run-of-the-Mill Chav Scumbag. For the Uninformed/Americans (oooh low blow!) a Chav is, well, read this. And this. And this.

So, now you are educated. There are plenty of Anti-Chav sites out there if you want to know more, or if you are based in the UK, then there is always ChavTowns for more information. The Basildon write up is very interesting as, it has to be said, we do have a very large population.

Now, I might bandy around the term to my friends and people I am on a wind up with, but only as a joke. The fact is, they are icky people and I hate them, especially the Basildon Variety.

And my reasoning for this post? Well, I just had a knock at the door at half seven this evening, and there is Mr Policeman. Not a toy policeman, a real, bonafide policeman.

Complete with Stab Vest. I didn't blame him, not in this area.

Turns out the people opposite - you know the ones, in the Blood Red House of Death. Well, turns out his car was damaged and broken into this afternoon. At 3pm this afternoon, in broad daylight. The worst part of it is, everyone probably knows it was their next door neighbour and his mates that come around, but who is going to say that? On their doorstop. To the police.

In the last year, he's had paint thrown over his car, his garage door graffiti'd, rubbish dumped on and around his house, and gets abuse hurled at him fairly often. All from the same sources.

And that seems to be how it is of late. You act shitty and threaten everyone, and everyone just closes their doors and curtains and ignores the world outside. All because of the asshats in their burbury (or however you spell it) strolling around like they own the place.

I feel quite bad because I sit on an upstairs window, looking out to the BRHoD when I am at my computer. And I didn't actually see anything - I think I was actually downstairs with Tam clearing up the kitchen before the Boy came home from school. Had the DanCam been on it would have seen it all.

We all live together, next to, on top of, opposite everyone in our area, but none of us ever see anything, and even if we do, we daren't say anything. I told the policeman the guy living in the BRHoD gets a lot of shit from certain elements, but he didn't really want to know. Just wanted to know if I saw anything.

He was really unhappy when Sally (white) said Hi and brushed against his trousers (black).

At least he had his stab vest on.

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4 Responses to “Dirty Chav Scum”

Krista Long said...

I may be an uniformed American ;) but I know what a chav is! And it is Burberry.

I also watched way too much BBC America before we shut off the cable. :) Not fair that you have better shows than us. All our good shows are usually BBC rip offs...

Unknown said...

before you rip on the americans, just remember...chavs are british.

the reason americans don't know what they are, is because they don't exist HERE.

kind of sounds like paradise, dunnit mate? fuckin well sweet mate, innit?

Posh Totty said...

For a minute there I thought you were going to say the police were at your door to ask if Jaysen lived there because of something to school said about your dodgy calls earlier lol.

MrB said...

I blame you, you didnt have the cam on :P