To RSS or Not To RSS?

I am an avid blog reader. I read all sorts of blogs, from the various CHD parent blogs, general family blogs, a few tech blogs, random amusement blogs and adult blogs. I think my daily is something like fifty or so blogs that update frequently.

Yeah, I read a lot.

With my reading list so long, I originally used Firefox to open all the blogs I read, and went through them one by one, leaving comments, spamming tag boards and generally putting my oar in, regardless of it being wanted or needed. And then, I started pottering around with Google Reader, and using blogs RSS Feeds to read them away from the actual blog.

It was quick, easy and simple to use. It showed me what blogs had or had not updated, opened in one window, and meant I didn't have to sift or trawl through the unread blogs to find the ones with new content.

However, my issue with that is it's more like socialising with a friend over the phone that sitting in their living room. Bear with me on this one...

I create my blog to make my readers feel welcome. While I am always changing the template for ME, ultimately, you guys are the ones that get to see. There is stuff of interest on there for you - links to other sites, for example. There is also the Tag Board and Cam (when it's on) so you have a little more to do on your visit. With the RSS Reader, it doesn't matter how neat and tidy the place it - you don't get to see it.

So here's my bind. The Lazy Shit inside me wants to click one link and see all the content hand-delivered to me. Simple, lazy, ease of use. The Not So Lazy Shit inside me would rather go to each blog, see how nice it is, interact with you. Still simple, more personal.

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5 Responses to “To RSS or Not To RSS?”

MrB said...

That's freaky, I was looking at my Google Reader trends and noticed you were in my top ten feeds with an average of 1.2 posts per day!

I am a gReader whore, I prefer reading RSS and then clicking the link to leave a comment if need be.

I would be happy as a pig in shit if they allowed you to comment straight from the reader.

Anonymous said...

I'm like the not so lazy shit in you, I prefer to see the blogs...I feel far more welcome actually seeing their content, leaving comments etc.

Although I do use google reader, that's only for mass updated sites (i.e. about:blank) but I rarely use that!

Although RSS is clearly a good thing, I think it does start to miss the point...

Anonymous said...

I use Bloglines, but I almost always click through to look at the blog because like you I like to give my tuppence worth. But (when my site is working!) I also only publish a snippet feed, meaning people have to click through to read my whole post anyway. Cunning eh!

Also, CoComment is quite useful as it tracks follow-up comments to posts you've commented on, so you don't have to keep going back and checking that blog to see if someone's replied (on those ones that don't have a comment subscribe feature).

I'm full of useful today.

Krista Long said...

I have used Reader since it was Beta, and can't stop. I know, it is an addiction, but it allows me to manage the literally hundreds of blogs I keep an eye on. I click through when I want to comment, but I know from the three blogs I read that don't have RSS, I forget to read them if I have to go directly.
I think it is your own preference, Dan. I keep my blog purty, because I like to, but the real content is in the words I write.
Since I use feedburner, I can track visits to my feeds as well as to the site.

Anonymous said...

I just use Google Reader to change blog reading from a pull to a push sport.

GR tells me when there is an update and provides me with a link to that blog, where I do the actual reading thing.

Seems the best usage of such a service, me thinks.