For The Enquiring Minds...

Those of you that have poked me and asked questions on Facebook, yes, it is true. I went out last night. I had beer. I played pool. I had a bloody good time.

This morning I had text messages, three emails and a couple of MSN messages asking the where/what/who/why series of questions. I never knew people we so interested in my social life! Still, last night, I was out with my friend Ruth, her friend Sarah (who is very short), her husband Mark (who is very tall), and their friend Kevin (who I met for the first time). We decided to pile into the local Pool Hall that has been there for years, but none of us - all being Basildoids - had ever been in there.

We all joined up (and got swanky membership cards!) and booked a couple of tables for a few hours. Someone usually milled around drinking while the other four played, and then we kinds switched so all had a laugh and drinkies. No one was keeping scores, though I did win a couple of times, and generally much mirth was had.

It's the first time in a long time that I have been out, and the first time as a singleton. Of course, the main question I was asked was "Did you pull" which is a Basildonian way of says "Did you meet a nice young lady and discuss life over drinks" or there about.

No, I did not.

Not that I would tell if I did, but none the less...

After playing pool and drinking beer, we decided the next course of action, of course, was greasy food. Cheese Burgers, Kebabs, Chips. All good stuff. We walked and scoffed and laughed and joked back to Sarahs, where the coffee was put on, and we sat chilling out, laughing with Sarahs kids babysitter and playing with the slightly mental dog that eats mobile phones.


Then it was home for us - being that everyone else is old they wanted to sleep - so I got in, had a cheese sandwich (I had a hankering!), pissed around on Facebook, then went to bed. Only to get up at 8am.

No, I didn't have a hang over.

At midday I decided that as the weather was going to be crap this weekend, I would clear up the front garden. Picking up leaves and rubbish soon became weeding, mowing the lawn, trimming bushes, sweeping the porch, banging the doormat, putting some compost in plantpots and being a busy boy.

Now, of course, I am knackered. So I think it's Warcraft for the rest of the day!

But only because I cleaned up the house yesterday ;)

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2 Responses to “For The Enquiring Minds...”

debbie said...

Glad you got out Dan and had a good time

Posh Totty said...

You won at pool eh? ..... thats not the way I heard it :oP