I Love Typos

It's not much of a secret when I confess that I make typos. Usually, they are of the stupid sort, wrong words in the wrong place, they're/their/there types - the really silly ones. Don't get me wrong, quite often I will completely arse up a word and not notice.

When using MSN, I am somewhat of a typo nazi. I won't press send if I can see a typo in what I have written, and quite often take the piss out of people that make mistakes. All in good fun of course. Sometimes it gets to the point when I fluster someone so much, they mistype the correction, and then the next one...

Don't be surprised, you know I'm evil.

However, my blog is read by a core of regular readers, and then whoever wanders in over the course of the day. On average, I get about 100-150 hits a day, plus the extras that are reading via feeds here and there. No more than 200 a day I would think. That's fine be me. While I would love fame, fortune and infamy stuff, I am quite happy that at least one person reason.

However, if, say, I were a massive multi-national news outlet, with a page viewed in the thousands per day, with my news feed being flashed across the globe at the touch of a button, I would be a little more careful with the typos...

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But you know, that's just me... ESPECIALLY if it was a news story that is in the headlines Every. Single. Day. You would think the writer would have noticed such an error. Well, obviously not.

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2 Responses to “I Love Typos”

Emma said...

I do believe I may have been on the recieving end of typo piss taking before!

Posh Totty said...

Yes I have also been on the recieving end of that piss taking too

BUT, also seem to remember getting my own back not so long ago too ;o)