I know people should "respect their elders" and all that shit, but for once, just once wouldn't it be nice for the elders to respect the young?

It sounds crazy I know, and a lot of oldies are fine and dandy. There are, however, elements that give the rest a bad name. And yes, this sounds like something an old person would say in regards to the young.

Earlier today, just before we left to do the school run, another friend called and asked if we could grab her three monkeys. I have a Tam-beast early this week too, so me and Ruth poodled into school and grabbed her two girls, my one boy, and Alyce's three kids.

So, picture the scene... Ruth is pushing Tam in the buggy. The three boys - all aged 9 - are running around. The three girls - 9, 7 and 6 - are running around. I am following along playing with the phone as I always do. Yes, I am a geek, get over it. I pop into the chemist to pay a bill, and come out to find HER.

Ruth is looking flushed, talking to this short, evil-eyed old crone. There may have been a nose wart. I only catch the tail end of her conversation, which went along the lines of "Well they don't sound like they are having fun, bunch of hooligans!"

I look over, and as usual, all the kids, bar Tamsyn, are running around playing tag. Granted, there are whooping and laughing loudly, but they were playing tag. This old girl looks to me, looks to Ruth, and Ruth gives me the "I'm going to poke her in the yellow eyes" expression.

So we beat a hasty retreat before we put her walking stick somewhere it shouldn't go, even with lubrication. I'm then told this old girl - who was no where near the kids, so not even at risk of being bowled over - was ranting and pissing at Ruth for the state of the kids, how they were causing trouble and being hooligans.

I SO wish I was out there when she started. I would have joined in and made as much noise.

Of course, it probably looked like me and Ruth were the dodgy family from hell, with our seven kids all raising hell. If I had the money, I'd have paid my little tykes to make more noise ;)

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