The Sis, BIL, And A-to-Z of Nieces

Because the world is filled with that strange creature known as "The Broody Woman" and I have been getting pestered, here are some more pictures of the newborn English er, Longley. Gemma is married. Duh.

Gemma (Post C-Section!), Amy (Looking SO impressed) and Baby Zoe!

Pete (BIL, on Gemmas meds by his expression), Amy riding Daddy, Baby Zoe not allowed on furniture.

A is for "Cheeky Monkey"

Z is for "Awww"

And Z is for "More Awww"

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2 Responses to “The Sis, BIL, And A-to-Z of Nieces”

Anonymous said...

In that last one she looks like she's about to punch you!

Posh Totty said...

Aww lovely pics.

Gemma, you look fantastic, I wish I looked that good after my c-section, I looked dog rough for months after mine.