Slave Labour - Alive And Well

It wasn't that long ago that kids over here were used in order to perform menial tasks. Chimney sweeping and coal mining mostly. But with these new fangled laws protecting the young and offering them an "edumacation" it means that other poor saps - namely, grown ups - have to perform these tasks that were the only way the kids went out and got some fresh air.

So, in order to bring the harsh reality of the real world to my daughter, I set her to work this morning.

I can't shelter her forever, and there will come a time - hopefully around her 12th birthday - that I will be able to marry her off to someone wealthy and she will be ready to perform the fulfilling tasks such as washing up, laundry, housework... I would have got her doing the ironing today but her pesky female-arm-muscles need building up in order to push the scorching metal across the clothing.

She's rubbish really. No muscle, very slow at her job... Maybe I'll be able to sell her off to someone and get a decent dowry for her. She sucks a hoovering as well.

(hahar! sucks, hoovering...)

I think I might get her up the rickety ladder later to clean the windows... Maybe give her the bleach and get her scubbing the loo...

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11 Responses to “Slave Labour - Alive And Well”

debbie said...

I am impressed Dan, Tam is very good,, but I think a chair would be in order Dan and not a wobbly dustbin for her to stand on, I would want her to fall when working..

if your going to sell her I would buy her,, I need her in my kitchen..

Anonymous said...

u really crack me up !!!,,
love the bin,, x


shes a beauitful little girl,,

Dan said...

Just for the record, that bin isn't a rubbish bin - but is full of complete dog food. It weighs a ton and she's never fallen off it, but is always flipping chairs over when she stands on them!

debbie said...

Ok fair enough,, at least you can keep Tam working then.

Anonymous said...

You know today I got a £2 coin which marks the end of the slave trade...

Will you be contacting the mint to arrange a new coin?


Anonymous said...

How could you put that charming little angelic faced child to work. She is toooooo cute.

Anonymous said...

My daughter saw this photo and says "that's not real", lol!

Dusting is another good job, mine love that!


Shiny Demon said...

Good for you Dan, Kids get off too lightly these days.
The only reason I haven't out my kid to work is that they've yet to be born.
As soon as September 8th rolls around, they'll cleaning the cat box!

The Random One said...

What a cutie :D

Posh Totty said...

Do you hire her out? if so how much?

Anonymous said...

Well, they have to start earning their keep sometime. I send ST out to wash cars and fetch me chocolate.

I kid, I kid.