When Packaging Attacks

Dan is bored. Here in Chez 0ddness, I have what I think might be the beginnings of a Migraine coming on, so not only am I bored, but getting cranky, and, trying to concentrate.

Which, in other words, means Dan is going off on one.

See, every month, I plod to the doctors for a prescription, then plod to the chemist to get my meds, then plod back home again. Last time I plodded, my chemist didn't have my migraine meds, so I said "I'll get them when I need them" and, having had a busy few days, I figured I would get them today.

Bear in mind, the Doc doesn't like to give me enough meds to kill an elephant, just enough to make it vomit. So imagine my surprise when - knowing full well what was in the box, I was given this little gem:

Now, that there is a box of pills, with a standard Shrek DVD beside it for sizing purposes. I couldn't think what else to use that is universal in size. What you DON'T see is that, according to Mr Measuring Tape, the box is just shy of two-inches thick.

"OK Dan-" I hear my bemused readers saying "-it's a box of your meds. Who gives a flying fu-" but let me stop you there with the following picture of the contents of said box:

All things considered, that is what I would call Over Kill on a massive scale. I mean, there are SIX pills in that little blister pack - and also remember how deep the box is. When you think about how much this country - and in fact, the world - are banging on about recycling, waste reduction, saving the environment and everything else, that's quite a large amount of packaging for six measly meds.

So, by now you are jumping up and down in the shock of such a revelation. I can tell, I'm psychic. You're shocked, angry and offended at such a waste, but there's MORE.

Look at that sad pathetic little pill. Yes folks, those blister packs don't hold tablets that are large enough to be used as horse suppository, they in fact hold a tablet not much larger than the nail on my ickle pinky finger.

In the grand scheme of things, the six tablets together are about the size of a fairly large postage stamp, yet the come in a blister pack capable of holding toddlers, which in turn, come in a box able to house a small family while their own home is fumigated.

Now, when I am REALLY bored - which is, frankly, a dangerous state of mind for me - I believe I will open the box up and measure it's area because...

Well, just because.

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2 Responses to “When Packaging Attacks”

1st Lady said...

Great post! Did you try smashing the pill to see whether you could make it even smaller? Might help if it's a tension headache you have ;)

Dan said...

hehehe you know, I actually contemplated crushing the tablets to see how much "area" they covered...

And the worst thing about this is - the kids are going to be with their mum this weekend, so I am likely to get bored.....