Uh Oh

After reading the "news" this morning about the rabies "scare" - I used the terms news and scare as loosely as possible - I went about my business and doing my own thing. However, after a while, the dreaded Boredom kicked in.

Now granted, I am clean, smooth from a shave, my hair is ever-so-sexy and clean (and conditioned!), and I am dressed. I have the balcony door open, which I sit beside, I have music blaring (check my Last.FM page), and I am contemplating some booze. It's nearly 2pm on a weekend, I can booze if I wanna.

Oh, and I am being spammed by an Aussie wench.

But, randomly clickity clicking around the web and I found myself looking at information about rabies, and, thanks to the internets and it's tubes, I am now a rabies victim. Bear with this, but assuming you read my blog on a fairly regular basis, you will HAVE to agree with the diagnosis:

The first symptoms are a flu-like fever (My temperature is always up and down, and I am always being asked "getting Man Flu") as well as Headaches that can last for "a few days" (Let's face it, I am a walking headache!). After that, the victim becomes Confused (No comment), Anxious (look at the state of my fingers and you will know I am always dealing with anxiety), as well as delirious (While it is tough being so studly, clever and great, there are those that believe I am delirious). Lastly, this will quickly develop into hallucinations (but pixies DO do my housework when I am tired and hurting!) and Insomnia...

See! I have Rabies!

Next time someone says "Bite Me" they will be sorry. And ooooh I could go around and infect the country. It'd be like 28 Days Later!

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One Response to “Uh Oh”

The Random One said...

Nooo! No Dawn of the Dan going on here. I don't want *gasp* the disease *dundundun*.