Where Are The Bears?

After the stress of the last few days, I've not been sleeping, and last night was no difference at all. I played some WoW for a while, chatting on Ventrillo with Daisy and a couple of others, and generally unwinding. I had what most others consider rubbish music blaring on my headphones, was merrily killing things and generally screwing around.

At about half midnight, I was sitting, drinking my fizzy water (party animal that I am), sitting with just a lamp on when out of the corner of my eye I see movement. Jumping out my pants and filling my chair with excrement, I was confronted with a shape looming out of the darkness into my little nest of light.

Luckily before I ran screaming, I realised it was Jaysen, bleary-eyed and stumbling along and muttering to himself.

"Are you alright Jaysen? It's very late, you should be in bed."
"What's wrong little man?"
"Where are the bears?"
"I don't know where the bears have gone."
"Go back to bed little man. It's late and you're asleep."

And he stumbled back out the lounge, upstairs and, after checking on him a little while later, he was sound asleep still. This morning, he has no recollection what so ever! He's always been prone to sleep walking, and occasionally I will talk in my sleep (apparently). He's even sleep-pee'd at friends sitting in the living room, but that's a story for another time...

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9 Responses to “Where Are The Bears?”

Shiny Demon said...

Polar Bears are left handed.

Shiny Demon said...

And gay.

Anonymous said...

Ahh sleep walking/talking can be fun to watch. I remember having a conversation with my then boyfriend about how he "missed his wife weight training".

He had no recollection of it the next morning but I never let him forget it :)

I enjoy you blogs by the way, so just thought I'd comment and say hi.

debbie said...

OH how sweet, now what bears where they, grizzy bears, polar bears, brown bears, or pooh bears,,

Bless him,, hope his ok

Anonymous said...

How cute! Makes you wonder what he was dreaming about?!

I, on the other hand, apparently have been known to cackle like a witch... Take what you will from that!

Mel the Stalker

Mrs. S. said...

My brother once peed into the open refrigerator. Aren't sleepwalkers fun?

Dr. Leah - Consultant for Lawyers said...

Oh, do tell the sleep pee'ing story!!

Laney said...

I too have sleep walking/talking kids, but I do it too so can't take the piss out of them too much. I am a very aggressive sleep talker, if Pete questions me whilst asleep I shout at him!

g-man said...

Ok, so where did the beard go?? :)