I'm Childish

Yes, I am childish. Even, in reply to you females, more-so than most other men in the world. I laugh at farting, I burp the alphabet when the mood takes me, I poke and prod and tickle people, and I much prefer to be chuckling at something innane that moaning and moping.

I also take great pleasure in smiling and saying Hi to people I know don't want to talk to me. AND, I take pleasure in giving people that deserve it, the run around.

Like my spammers. I hate them, and I think they are one of the lowest forms of life. If I can irritate them enough, well, that's OK by me.

As you know, through my various attempts at annoying them, I enjoy doing so. So much so, that I've just set up a blog specifically for posting their shit and my replies in order to see how long I can keep them tied up with a possible mark.

There's not much new on there, though I did reply to another spammer this morning. I intend to keep more on-top of them from now, replying to ALL of them when they message me. Lottery Wins, Deaths, Scamming the Government - you name it, I will reply to them :D

Now, if YOU get any scam-spam, send it to me too! I will reply to anything that is new. I DON'T want your viagra, penis enlargements, free porn, or the rest of it. Actual scamming stuff!

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