It's not often I will do The British Thing and blog about the weather (*ahem*) but I felt today being the way it is, I would do The British Thing...

And moan.

See, this morning at half past six when I woke up and clambered over the nine year old, clambered over the dog and clambered over the cat, I looked outside to see the garden flooded in sunlight. "YAY" was the first word that came to mind.

Eight o' clock rolls around, the sky darkens, and the the clouds open up. By 08:20 is was torrential - I know because that's when I had to leave on the school run. By the time I got to Ruths I was wet. By the time I got to the school is was running on the inside of my coat.

Once home I peeled off the clothes and everything - coat, tee shirt, jeans, boxers and socks - all soaked. And my hair is still wringing wet. And I'm cold.

So it's me, a cuppa, some chocolate, and my hairdryer at the desk. Poxy bloody weather. Even the webcam is hating the rain as it's auto-focus is trying to see the drops of rain on the window.

I'm not sure if I should blame a certain Aussie Wench for her rain she moaned about yesterday, a friend living locally for having a bad morning and making it rain, or for me thinking YAY at half six...

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One Response to “Yuck!”

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Hiya, rain here in the French Alps too..!
Just back from a great break in the South and it's grey, wet and cold... and, guess, the Brits aren't the only who always go on about the weather..:)