I Got A Lurgy

As I alluded to in my previous, I am poorly. Sunday night I noticed I had a bit of a scratchy throat (which is usually the first sign of an incoming yuck) and Monday morning, it was still there, with his friend, Mr Snotty Nose.

Of course, the weather report lulled me into a false sense of security with terms like "Extremely high pollen count" being bandied around. So I crossed my bits and hoped for that. Over the next couple of days, my energy levels crapped out, my aches and pains took over and I felt icker and icker.

I don't like feeling Ick.

While in town shopping today, I was struggling to walk, to keep up with Ruth (which is saying something...) and just wanted to sit. I even paid cash-money for flu meds which did sweet F-A. We got back to Ruths and I was sweating, freezing cold and felt crap. Ruth offered to get Jaysen, and when Jo said what time she'd be bringing Tam over, I called her, coughed in her general direction, and asked pretty please if she could keep her for a bit longer, which she was fine with and also offered to get Jaysen so I can just sleep.

Jaysen got in from school, and I flaked out on the sofa - he woke me up when Jo arrived to get him, and I flopped back on the sofa and watched the two movies to keep focused otherwise I'd not sleep tonight.

So, here I am sorting crap out before bed, waiting for the handful of meds to kick in and send me to La La Land for a few hours.

Dan is poorly. I tried to push through, but I had to throw in the towel. I just feel like a bit of a failure to be honest - having to rely on Jo to have the kids because I am poorly, yet the other single parents can deal with it without assistance. Next time I'll try better ;)

Now if you will excuse me, my head is ready to pop, my everything is hurting, and I need another drink. Yes yes, keep hydrated and all that.

Nighty night.

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8 Responses to “I Got A Lurgy”

Lynzi_Loo said...

Keep your chin up Dan, you aint a failure, your poorly and needed a helping hand, the only single parents that manage their kids when they are poorly are the one's who have no outside help, so dont beat yourself up!
Anyway, look on the bright side, at least it has happened now and not next week ;-)

Dan said...

Ta darlin :)

And don't remind me about next week - I was actually threatened with kidnap if I remain poorly...
I have to lock my doors 24/7 now. And leave the lights off.

Fear does that you know ;)

Lynzi_Loo said...

Awww, instead of sitting in the dark you could try blackening your windows with soot :-P

We will still find you tho......mwwaaaahhhhh

Posh Totty said...

I am a gal of my word so you best hurry up and get better ;o)

oh and you may well try hiding, but you cant hide forever ;o)

Anonymous said...

After you sending me into a state of paranoia last night I am cheering for the lurgy!

Go lurgy, go lurgy, go lurgy! ;-)


Terri@SteelMagnolia said...

I hope you're feeling better buddy.

Kelly said...

The ick monster got me too - this weekend I will be mostly staying in bed and drinking lemsip!

Laney said...

How are you doing today Dan?