Monster Movies Madness

Monster movies are nothing new to me. For the most part, tacky or otherwise, I love 'em. Last year, I saw sneak peaks and then trailers for a couple of movies that really caught my eye.

Firstly, back in August, there was my post for Dragon Wars. Fantasy-Meets-Modern Day, with monster (dragons) tearing up the city and causing panic. Whooo cities being destroyed by Great Big Monsters. I bought it a couple of days back, and with me feeling rough as anything (more info to follow!) I decided to sit and watch it.

Holy Pants by all that is Unholy, what a pile of toilet. The plot is about as easy to follow as a toddlers scribble on a wall, the acting is more wooden than a mahogany table, and generally, it's skips all over the shop like... Meh, it sucked. Enough with the analogies, but it was in fact pants.

Pants on a stick, no less. The main "dragon" type thingie is just a big snake. Which, I noted, seemed to change size randomly from Large, to Massive, to Gargantuan, and then skipping around between. The CGI Effects were pretty, and the "battle" scene in the city was well done, but daaaamn I paid money for that!

However, I was pleased that my next choice of movie, Cloverfield - which I posted about back in December - was the complete polar opposite. It's filmed from the point of view of someone with a camcorder, and shows a rather large and ugly beastie trashing New York. Poor NY, it gets a hammering...

What I love about Cloverfield as well (By Mr JJ "I make Lost" Abrahms) is that fact the movie doesn't try to blind you with backstory or "This Is Where It Came From" stuff. It's a monster, it's being mean to the city, sod the rest of it. Of course, they manage to throw a love story in there too... But it sooo works.

This Dan will be getting the Cloverfield 2-disc special jobbie.
This Dan will also be using his Dragon Wars DVD as a funky frisbee or something. But I think I should make Jo watch it first. She can tell people I perform mental anguish on her now she's left ;)

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3 Responses to “Monster Movies Madness”

Laney said...

I remember you talked excitedly about the dragon movie, sorry to hear it was a pile of crud. Cloverfield rocks! Was it any good on the small screen?

Laney said...
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honest ape said...

I loved Cloverfield as well. Shame that a lot of people hated on it so much.

And, just to be quibble, J.J. Abrams only helped come up with the concept for Lost. He hasn't had anything to do with the show since the beginning. It's all Cuse and Lindelof.

Sorry, just a huge Lost fan, here.