Musical Monday Repeat! Zocalo

OK, if the world explodes today, then I will accept FULL blame. If life as we know it ends, I will stand up and say "Oopsie, my bad" and accept whatever punishment the cockroach overlords dish out.

However, if it doesn't destroy mankind...

I've posted this track before. I love it. I'm in a really good mood. I'm in a good place, the sun is shining, and this is cranked up LOUD. It makes me think of summer, sun, good times and good stuff. There aren't any words, it's just music.

Put it on, think of the sun and being chilled and relaxed, and enjoy your day. If you hate, it... pffft..

Oh, and a further selling point for those that are interested - sexy dancing girlies wearing very little..

World Ended? No?

*gets his boogie on*

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One Response to “Musical Monday Repeat! Zocalo”

Unknown said...

really? this song puts you in a good mood?

it makes me sad.