Shower Musings

I tend to do some of my best thinking in the shower. It's the one place that for ten, twenty or even thirty minutes (if I am reeeally in a lazy mood) I can shut the door and just relax.

Now, when I say "best thinking" I am not talking about solving World Hunger, Global Warming, or anything quite so dramatic. But while washing my long brown tresses, my mind does tend to flicker around from random subject to random subject.

When the kids aren't here, sitting and "drying" is also another time for sitting and chilling out. I'm wet, I smell nice for once, and I can just drip dry.

  • Being on a reduced dose of Paroxetine is interesting.
  • Visual Disturbances is a good way of saying "the world went wobbly"
  • I smell like a block of chewing gum (Mint shower gel!)
  • Why do people arrive on the doorstep unannounced "for ten minutes"
  • Why do said people stay for aaaages despite being told I am going out!
  • I wish I knew who the traffic warden was so I could thank him for ticketing the person!
  • I'm going to get murdered on Canvey Island
  • If not, I will get lost
  • I can't believe Canvey has it's own Wikipedia entry
  • Some of these Facebook applications are sooo pointless...
  • Why do I think I've forgotten to do something.
Seriously, I could sit here all day... But I can't.

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