Back Foul Beast

While me and Jaysen have been wandering this deep, dark tunnel that is know as "Poorly Boys" we've woken up this morning and can actually see what appears to be a light around the next corner of this germ-ridden tunnel. It has had a lot of twists, turns and pitfalls, but I do believe we're almost over it all.

Last week I felt like arse. On a stick. And Jaysen joined me. I decided to keep him with me over the weekend, save him sharing his yuck with grandparents or Tamsyn. Thursday, the school phoned me to let me know he was sick, and to come and get him from school. They let me know just as I was leaving to get him from school anyway, and allowed me to take him out a massive FIVE minutes early. After investigation, turns out they sent him, his germs, and his puke-bowl, back into a class full of 9 year olds.

With the way that school harps on about their targets, numbers and everything else, you would have thought they'd have NOT put the vomiting kid back at his desk. So no doubt everyone will get a turn of that little fun-ride.

Anyway, I got him home, dosed him up, and he flaked on the sofa while I dozed in my chair. He then started being sick which I put down to his temperature, swapped his duvet for my summer one and he's not popped since. We've been coughing in unison, taking meds at the same time and generally doing nothing.

Yesterday morning we got up and felt a bit better, but last night one of his ears went red and he was crying with an ear ache. Joy. More paracetamol, and off to bed - I woke up at eight this morning to find a perky little boy with a bunged up nose, feeding and watering the rats, dog and cats.

He even made me a cup of tea. Clearly the alien got through his eardrum and took over.

So, on the grand scheme of things, he'll be back at school tomorrow, and has only had one day off sick. Well, one day PLUS five minutes.

He's still got a blocked nose, and I've still got a cold, but finally, we're exorcising the ManFlu demons.

The power of vicks compels you. The power of vicks compels you.

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4 Responses to “Back Foul Beast”

debbie said...

glad you two are feeling much better :)

Anonymous said...

Apparently smearing Vicks on your feet and wearing socks over them to bed works a treat....

Posh Totty said...

I heard about the vicks on feet trick too, so many people swear by it.

Dan said...

Deb: Thank you :)

Sarah: Sounds like some sort of crazy person idea. The fact that Ms. Totty has heard of it just reinforces that idea :D

Of course, this information would have been handy when I was actually DYING of the ManFlu! Maybe next time ;)