Something I've noticed more and more of late is my energy levels, or, more specifically, how my energy banks seem to have a leaky valve somewhere. It's very hard to explain to people without sounding stranger than usual, but I think I need to talk to the doc about it.

There are three "periods" during the day that my body tries to shut itself down if I am not doing stuff. Late morning - half ten to midday ish; Early afternoon - one to two ish; and Late afternoon/Early evening from about four till half six ish. It's not every one of these times, and it's not every day it happens, but most days, you can pretty much bet that I will find myself literally crashing out. And if none of these, then I will drop while in bed, or while trying to stay awake in the night.

I can almost fight it off if I push myself up and do stuff, but more often than not it literally lands on my lap and I only realise it's happened when I am waking up. If I am out and about, it's not a problem, I just yawn a lot but I don't do any of this falling over asleep thing, nor do I nod off on public transport.

It might be that I am reading, I might be playing on the web, watching a DVD, even playing Warcraft. I've fallen asleep mid-text, mid-msn conversation, while blogging, and almost nodded off while chatting to people on the phone. Even if I am with company, sitting down watching or doing something, I can be using every shred of my being to fight off dozing off. When I was with Posh Totty a couple of weeks back, Posh, Mr Posh and myself were sitting watching a movie, and I kept doing the Heavy-Head-Jolt-Thing as I was nodding off. Same thing week before last while sitting at Kellies watching TV - I kept jolting myself awake - which was a moot point as she had already flaked on the other end of the settee, but still...

Now, I'm more inclined to believe that it's either a side-effect of coming off the Paroxitine, coupled with my Chronic Fatigue. I am 99% sure I don't have something like Narcolepsy or anything equally strange. With my life change, I am a lot busier than I was, so maybe it's just my body trying to catch a break. I'm up early, busy during the day, busy in the evenings, out and about at weekends... Maybe I just need my batteries recharged.

Thanks to Dr. Cassandra I'm on multivitamins and suchlike, plus I have pure juice each day AND, despite my previous "no no no" stuff, I have a daily probiotic thingiemajigg that I have with my breakfast. I'm not eating crap foods, and easily doing my "five a day" milarky as well, plus, with the amount of tea and coffee I drink in a day you'd think I would be jittering and vibrating like that rabbit... No, let me rephrase that... Like that Battery Bunny ;)

So, if ever we're chatting on some medium or another and I suddenly go silent, you'll know why.

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6 Responses to “Crash!”

Lynzi_Loo said...

As infuriating as it can be Dan, I have to laugh hehe, I cant allow myself to sit on the sofa during the day cos I would be asleep within 10mins, I did it yesterday while I was playing guitar hero's with Cameron, he wasnt very happy with me bless him. But once it hits me, that is literally it, Im out for the count for at least 20mins (I call it a power nap), Im the same on a bus or any vehicle come to that. These days I cant seem to pick up a book without me nodding off. Its a pain in the arse, but tends to amuse people at the same time lol. I did go to the Dr's about it a couple of years ago, he referred me to a sleep specialist who gave me a device to wear on my finger (like those that detect your heartbeat) to wear at night while I slept, I think I did this for a couple of weeks then took it back. I waited for the results and they came back normal, so the Dr couldnt explain why I dozed off at inappropriate moments and just told me to basically get on with things :-S
P.S. I have even fallen asleep at my desk LOL, but never on the phone tho!, thats a new one on me lol

debbie said...

Oh Dan,

no advice really but ME can have that effect on some people unless your really fighting it,, Our friend never fights ME he gives into it all the time, he wakes up at 7am, and by the time he is out of bed, dressed and showered it is mid day,, he still drives (god knows how) but when ever his sits he too is asleep.. But I think you have to see the dr and or fight hard and do your walking, swimming what ever your back will allow to try and restore some energy,, But dont forget over the past few years from the moment you had Bethy your body has been on an emotional rollercoaster,, and may be now its saying Slow down I need time to recover and is telling you to recover,, I think some cosy nights in with Kellie, If possible may help recharge your batteries too,, ok rubbish advice really,, but you never know, bodies are strang things,, may be drink some guiness too will help with the iron levels

Posh Totty said...

Oh Dan dont appologise ... I have kinder got used to talking to myself now.

The Random One said...

If your tea and/or coffee is coupled with sugar, you could be crashing after that.

Or if you're eating bread with not much else... then it just breaks down to carbs - sugar - crash...

I have noooo idea really what you eat or do, so... just my two cents... or pence... which really is only guessing.

Anonymous said...

I get that too honey, but unlike you, i cant just push through and go to bed for an hour in the afternoon (well, as you know, the hour turns into three hehe)

Apparently its one of the side effects to my meds, but i'm not so sure. I know i'm border line enemic (or however you spell it) so thats a cause too, but its weird that we're both getting it...

Nancy Jensen said...

Dan, you've been stalking me! You described me! I usually nap in the afternoon and if I don't, I have to have a nap in the evening... which throws everything off with Jessica's bedtime. Well, my life is crazy and I'm up all hours of the night... here I am, at 2:30am posting comments on your blog while I wait and make sure that Jess is going to stay in bed and not get up.

Sometimes, and keep this a secret just between us, I nod off while in the bathroom. Jessica will come and knock on the door and ask me what is taking so long and if I'm ok. I just tell her that I was taking a break. Sometimes that's what I have to do to get a break. haha... *sigh*

Here's my advice (for what it's worth): drink more water, try to go to bed and get up at the same time everyday, get 8 hours of sleep and try to do some stretches or walk in place every time you feel like you are going to fall asleep. OK, I recently read those tips and don't do any of them myself, but I plan on trying them. Maybe they will help us both?