Ahhh Shit

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, when things were looking up, something always always crops up to put a dampener on your day. It doesn't matter what I do, there is ALWAYS something.

So I going around minding my own business when I discovered that today will be The End of the World! I mean, how unfair is THAT!

However, it's not all doom and gloom. In September 2006, the spanner making the same predictions said it would happen then, but was wrong.

Well, obviously.

So if today is the end, thanks for reading ;) Now, I wonder how I can End-of-the-World-proof my computer. I think it has to be bubble wrap and duct tape. NOTHING can get through bubble wrap and duct tape.

PS - this may or may not be a deciding factor, but he's in Texas.

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12 Responses to “Ahhh Shit”

Lynzi_Loo said...

*Runs off to buy dooms day food from Life Nutrition Products*......I wonder if they take same day delivery orders over the net???.
I'm off now, if you need me I will be in a bunker in Pontefract.

Lynzi_Loo said...

On a more serious note, it makes you wonder if these kind of sicko's will one day get their hands on a nuclear weapon just to prove they were right after all.

Dan said...

I'm not scared- I live really close to THIS

Lynzi_Loo said...

erm yeah, you better hope you get before the first 600 people then lol

Lynzi_Loo said...

I live about 2-3 miles away from a bunker in Pontefract, me and mates accidently came across while we were walking through a huge field. Of course we all climbed in, got scared of the dark and proceeded to climb back out at a faster rate lol

Lynzi_Loo said...

I once watched a documentary about Nuclear bombs and how to protect yourself from Nuclear fallout, a bloke demonstrated what you should do, he stacked matresses together along with layers of duvets and cushions (made it the size of a large wendy house) took just about everything he would need for a few months survival (clothes, food, tin opener, batteries, radio's, face masks etc) and climbed inside!, thats torture in itself, could you imagine what it would be like taking your kids inside summat like that, and saying "hey kids, we will be living in here for a few weeks and you are permenantly grounded til its safe to breath the air outside again, oh, and by the way, keep this face mask on the whole time"??

Anonymous said...

I picked a pretty cr*p day to chose to give up smoking & spend tidying the house didnt I! lol

debbie said...

If I knew the world was going to end today, then I would have insisted on keeping the partner at home for some fun LOL, sod hiding I wannna go with a BANG LOL

g-man said...

Bubble wrap, duct tape AND tin foil. That is end-of-the-world proof.

See you on the other side!

Posh Totty said...

Wish someone had of told me a week ago, Iv just spent my last week, non smoking and dieting in an attempt to prolong my life .... looks like the jokes on me!!

Anonymous said...

You could always "paint yourself white to deflect the blast", then cover your kitchen table in a white sheet and hide underneath - great advice from Neil from the Young Ones! hehe


Nancy Jensen said...

First of all, if the world ends then why buy anything? The world - and YOU - won't exist, right? And Dan, that article was pretty funny. It talked all about a "secret" nuclear bunker. I guess it's not so secret now, is it?

People crack me up.

And if everything except cockroaches are gone... I don't think I want to be here either. Just put me at ground zero and I won't even know what hit me - nor will I feel it. Yeah, I need to join a sarcasm's AAA type group. Karl needs should be president. haha

Oh, and it's Saturday now, I guess the world didn't end last Thursday.... or did it? I'm too tired to tell.... but the good news is that we are FINALLY accomplishing a lot towards preparing for the wedding. Which also means = spending boogoo bucks. Ahhh... such is life.