Germwatch 2008

I am so done with being ill now it's not even funny. When the docs first said I "likely" suffered from Chronic Fatigue/M.E, it was pointed out I will get all the germs doing the rounds, and they would linger.

Docs get something right - shock horror.

I wouldn't mind, but the old wives tale of sharing a cold to get over a cold should be WELL in affect by now. I've shared it with Ruth and her youngest, Mand and Jack, Jaysen has it, Tam might have it, I had given it to Kellie (but she's the one that gave it back!)... Lane was here yesterday so no doubt she'll be whining at me in the next week about how I made her poorly. Jo and Steve were here yesterday too collecting some stuff while I "helped", so they will probably be all germed up soon enough.

Of course, with Jaysen having it (And he is SO still going to school!), that means he'll infect his class, and eventually, bring back the third generation of mutation to infect me all over again.

People keep making really great suggestions. Starve a fever, feed a cold. Yes, because I am sure that helps. Eat fruit and veg. I have pure juice every day, usually have a couple of bits of fruit, and generally have veg with my dinner. Multivitamins to bolster the immune system. Do that too.

I am just a sickly person it would seem.

Mostly it's my head and throat that are affected. Blocked sinuses, headaches, sore throat and a bloody cough I cannot shake. Oh, and green goo. You all love hearing about the green goo. On top of this, I am drained physically and struggling to sleep properly.

Everyone loves the germs. Maybe I should share more.

*coughs at the screen*

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4 Responses to “Germwatch 2008”

Em's way said...

I have one word for you


Marvellous stuff :D

debbie said...

I know you may be eating your fruit and Veg, but what about drinking water, cordials, avoid tea and coffee and alchol for a bit too,., you need to flush the germs away,, touching wood here, since I have upped my fluid intake the colds have dropped dramatically..

ME is horrid a friend of ours has had it for 20 years,, had to give up work,, his lucky if he can get out of bed and dressed before noon.. and his now 50..

Laney said...

You'll probably give it to us via Jaysen too. Good times. ;)

debbie said...

I think if you stop sharing your germs then you wont get them comming back again,,

he he he