Laptop Fun...

Update! After various comments on this post, I've tried a few things here and there, but it had never occurred to me to take out the battery and do it. So, I popped it of, plugged it all in and pressed the On botton. Nothing. BUT, Jaysen said he could hear the ticking, like "when the boiler has no gas" I held the button in and could hear it when WHOOSH! It turned on! Gave me a "Windows has recovered from a serious error" message, but appears fine. Rebooted it; Fine. Put in the battery; Fine.

So I have NO idea what caused the brain fart, but it would seem it is repaired. Thank you to Jack for looking at it over the weekend, and to the comments of things to try. Desktops - piece of piss. Laptops - I have no clue.

It doesn't take a lot to piss me off. OK, yes, some days the most silly of things gets me irritated, but this fun with the laptop is actually driving me insane.

Jo bought it for me last August, after my original one died, and it was fine and dandy. It's not the greatest in the world, but for what I wanted and what we could afford, it was the best gift of the year for an early birthday pressie. I've been really careful with it, keeping it away from anything nasty, keeping it cool, not using it on soft furnishings to block fans or anything, and yet a couple of weeks back, it died.

When I say "died" I mean it just stopped working. No blue screen of death, no pop, no bang, fizzle, zap or anything else. And it has stayed that way ever since. Usually, when it's plugged in, the "Mains" light is lit, as is the charging one if need be. NOW, you put the plug in and nothing happens. No lights or anything. It was running on the mains when it died - on a surge protector no less. It's not like I was taxing it either - listening to music and chatting on MSN.

As I was heading down to Mands, her better half offered to take a look, so I left it at that. Jack took a look while I was there and said there's not a lot he can do, and opening it up to fiddle would only void the warrenty. So we left it till I spoke to Fujitsu this morning.

And that's when the real hassle started.

I spoke to a very posh man there, who raised a ticket, but said unless I could PROVE it's within warrenty, either with a receipt or an invoice, then it'd be a chargable repair. Sod that. Of course, it would appear that in my cleaning, I've lobbed out the box and, consequently, the receipt :( So, the man told me to go to where I got it, speak to them and get a proof of sale. Where I headed this afternoon, thinking I could see a light.

No, no light.

The guy at Staples was useless and couldn't be bothered. He was assembling a folder for another customer. Apparently, unless I knew the DAY I bought it, they couldn't do a search for the sale. So I should get in contact with the bank and find out from them when I bought it. So, I toddled to the bank.

No, no help there either.

The only statement I am missing to show the card payment was the only statement I have missing, and apparently the bank are unable to print off a statement there and then. So I had to order some. Then, once I got home, I called Fujitsu back - would a statement be any use, but no.

So now I have to wait a week. Then take the statement to Staples. Then get them to search for the sale. Then get a sales thingie from the planks there - assuming they don't change their mind - THEN get that faxed to Fujitsu... And then comes the "how do I send a laptop to someone" issue.

Seriously, it's enough to make me want to sell a kidney* and just buy a new one. I have the credit rating of a sickly slug, so that puts finance out the window. I have money, but would need to save up, but I can always find something better to spend the money on... I'm going to try start saving, so maybe in a year or so I can afford a decent one. I'm considering going the whole hog and getting a really good one for gaming - that way I can then shift my computer off elsewhere and use my laptop for everything.

Time and Money. All fun ;)

*Kidney offer still stands. One owner, £5000 ono.

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10 Responses to “Laptop Fun...”

Stuart Wilson said...

I know this might sound stupid, but are you sure it is simply not the PSU?? Does it have an internal PSU or an external one?

If it is external, when you insert the power cable into the PSU, does it 'pop' indicating power? I have loads of spare power-supplies for various different laptops if that helps.

Have you tried to discharge any static from your laptop? My laptop wouldn't power up awhile back - all I did was discharge it and then it worked fine.

Shame I don't live local anymore otherwise I'd have a look for you as well.

Anonymous said...

I no this does not help you now but for future pc buying it may.

I have always bought my pc's at novatech cos they are cheap and last one i bought a 2 year warranty for a meagre 29 quid. So just after the year warray was up my psu decided to frazzle itself (phew thought I i have 2 year) but lo i have moved & no clue where the heck my reeipt is.

so i phone novatech and ask if they can help no problem madam we have it all here on PC just return the laptop to us we will fix & return & they did. It was that easy.

down with fujitsu!!!!


Laney said...

Dan, we are best friends with the manager of Staples. Pete used to run the store years ago. Let me know when you are planning on going down there and I'll give them a heads up.

Dan said...

Stuart: I'm completely clueless when it comes to laptops - I *assume* it has an internal PSU. However, it was running on mains with a fully charged battery when it popped. The cable is mains socket to little black box, then little black box to laptop.

Static discharging - wouldn't have a clue - again, not a clue with the silly things. If it involves opening it up, then I'm not risking that.

How dare you move away. So inconsiderate ;)

Daisy: I usually get all my computer bits from Novatech - not even sure WHY I didn't this time around. Sucks to be me. If I sell the kidney, then I will be using them to get a spanky new one.

Laney: That would be excellent thank you. The guy I spoke with yesterday was a peon and didn't really pay any attention to what I was telling him. A manager involved would be great - personally, I can't see how hard it would be to search the August sales for a Fujitsu Amilo sale with a laptop bag, but apparently he couldn't...

Doesn't help that I feel pants. Everything pisses me off when I am germy ;)

MrB said...

Dan, take out the battery and then run it on mains power alone, I think that would sort your problem.

Then all you have to do is order a new battery from Ebay or the like.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great article about laptops.

Unknown said...


I looked it up, apparently its an inherant fault with that laptop, the bettery over heats, and almost kills itself..

You did the right thing, just try to keep it cool!


Anonymous said...

WOOOT for working laptop :)

debbie said...

hi Dan I too dont have a clue about laptops but martins one is apain the the bum,, and its brand new, keeps freezing, shuts off for no reason,, anyway nevermind them,, I dont think your asking enough money for your Kidney?? I think you need to double it incase someone take you upon it,,

Posh Totty said...

Yay for working laptops, does that mean we can go to bed together again? ;o)