Just, Yum

To off-set the ranty-rantness of the previous post, I feel I have to post a somewhat pointless entry.

I've not been eating very much of late - a sandwich here, picking at some food there, but while sorting out a bag for the weekend, I decided I needed a sandwich. So I was going to have tuna mayo. Then oooh cucumber. Oooh tomato. Lettuce. Cheese. Onion...

What I ended up with was a sandwich worthy of a medal. And/Or an orgasm. Whichever deity you pray to, He/She made animals very tasty :D

So here I sit, scoffing the Worlds Greatest Sandwich, while Tam eats her salad and stuff beside me. I WAS going to take a picture of the Holy Food Item. But it got et.

That is all. Nom.

Anyway, I'm off to spend the weekend with Kellie, with both my kids in tow, while Kellies son is off on Saturday morning, this will be the first time the kids have been together since Kellie and myself became "a couple". All of them older than Tam have given us their Seal of Approval, which is always good :D In the coming weeks, we've also had invites as a couple to various "things" which is rather... erm, fuzzy-inducing ;)

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One Response to “Just, Yum”

Anonymous said...


trying not to eat bread atm but i love it soooo much. SHame it likes me less :(