Musical Monday #46 - Follow The Leader

You may have noticed over the last few weeks, I've been putting up music that is quiet, peaceful and generally "nice". I know what reasoning a lot of you will give for that - and yes, you're partly right. However, there IS another reason for it...

A lot of the recent songs on Musical Monday - not all, mind you - have been in a TV program I've been watching. Yep, I've been getting musical inspiration from the idiot box. Well, not technically, as I've been watching DVDs.

Now to make it more interesting, I'm not going to tell you what songs have or have not come from the show, so see if you can guess :D

Anyways - Matthew Ryan - Follow The Leader is a really slow, quiet chill out song. I quite often fall asleep to this one as it is sooo relaxing! I've heard a few of this chaps songs now, and he really is quite talented. So, if you're stressed or tired, have a listen.

It's follow the leader, baby
That's how it's gonna be
If you ever really wanna get lost
Then follow me

Follow the leader

We're in a solar system
Together and alone
The bills, the smoke, the furniture
The happy home

Now you can follow your gut
Or you can follow the past
But if you knew an eclipse was coming
Why'd you even ask?

Follow the leader

Ghost verse -
(there's brighter days ahead
I've seen them on tv
Word is there's something big
Hidden up their sleeve)

So maybe it gets quiet
And maybe it gets numb
At least then there's still something
To share with someone

Follow the leader

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