I've not listened to this video, so don't know if there's any swearing or anything... But it doesn't matter if there is, because I love it when little shits get their comeuppance.

And to be fair, I saw it coming and waited with gleeful hands being rubbed together :D

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6 Responses to “Karma”

Em's way said...

pmsl OMFG that is karma on a stick!!!

Dan said...

A big angry stick that prolly weighs a fair amount too ;)

Posh Totty said...

OUCH!!! Holy Shit!! thats gotta hurt!! .... made me wince watching it.

Serves the little shit right tho.

Anonymous said...

Hehe! Funny funny!

Anonymous said...

I can not state enough HOW much i love this :)

Nancy Jensen said...

Oh bummer. The video is no longer available. I'm too late..... as usual.