Some People Make Me Wonder...

I've been toying with this blog post for a few days now, and have been wording, rewording, rephrasing and generally jiggling it around till it made sense AND prevented me getting in trouble.

It takes a lot to faze me, to shock or surprise me, but some days, I see something and just stare, mouth agap, trying to get my head around how some people made it to adulthood without getting an ounce of common sense punched into their stupid face.

Dear Dirty Mother,

I have kids. I've done it three times, and sure, it's hard work. Yep, sometimes those kids can catch you off guard and surprise you at the strangest times with the strangest things. However...

A child suddenly announcing "I need a wee" is not a big issue in the grand scheme of things. ESPECIALLY when you're in a large shopping town centre. However, I fail to understand your thought process.

Me and a friend were sitting in the restaurant eating our breakfast when you stopped on the path twenty feet from the window we were sitting beside. Where you hefted your three year old out of her buggy, stripped her off from the waist down, and proceeded to allow her to spray her piss everywhere.

In public.
On a pedestrian zone.

Now, yes, potty training CAN be difficult, and kids sometimes HAVE to go when they HAVE to go. However. There was a toilet no more than a one minute walk BACK the way you came. While we sat agap at you NOT washing the area off with water, we worked out that there are six public toilets in Eastgate alone, Eastgate that you can walk end-to-end in five minutes.

While we sat, still surprised, as you allowed people to walk through the splash-zone, I said "maybe the kiddie has a medical problem" but then countered with "But then, if that's a case, wouldn't you be prepared and have pull-ups on or something.

EVERY parent has been caught short at some time or another, I hold my hands up and admit that I've had to allow Jaysen to pee behind a bush when caught short. While Out. In the middle of nowhere.

So, to the Skanky Mother Who Allowed Her Daughter To Piss On The Pedestrian Area, I salute you, with one finger. And for the record, I took your photo, but am still debating if I should post it on here or not.

The Grossed-Out Guy in the Window
Yes folks, she literally held her kid up, legs-akimbo, and let her spray pee everywhere, in the middle of the path in a pedestrian zone. She made no move to run in to the toilet, no attempt to wash the puddle away - not even with the bottles of water she drank from, the bottle she gave her daughter, nor the bottle she gave her friend. And in front of a restaurant to boot. The old couple behind me were as pissy as Ruth and myself so it wasn't just me being fussy.

But I photographed the silly cow ;)

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11 Responses to “Some People Make Me Wonder...”

Anonymous said...

worst one i saw was a dad that picked pulled his little girls pants down held her torso in one hand and her ankles in another and then held her over a drain to pee in th e middle of a high street.

Dan said...

Oooh THAT is exactly how this woman did it - but only one ankle so her bits were all over the place :S


Unknown said...

Worst one I saw was 2 girls 1 Cup...erghhhh

Posh Totty said...

Ohhh dont even get me started on this lil subject, this is something I have put off blogging about myself.

As tempted as I am to say post the pics ... I think you need to be really careful and think carefully about it as Im not sure where you stand legally on doing that, I do believe if she was to see it she could prob sue you ... as much as Id love to name and shame, Im not sure its worth all the hastle that could accompany that.

Anonymous said...

post it -- peeing in a public place is still an offence isn't it????

Dan said...

Sam: 2 Girls 1 Cup is classic - though a certain Aussie wench sent me something rather amusing that kinda gross too - lemmie know your email and I'll send - have to share that kinda thing ;)

Sween: Tell me about it, it's vile. Basildon at it's finest. I am tempted tho...

Ms Rabbit: EXACTLY. I thought the same thing, and the staff in there are really nice - sure they'd have let her in and not say "sorry, customers only"

Posh: Don't pretend to be the wise sane one here ;) Just blog away and rant like an old person. I bet you're really good at that ;)

Jobee: I have no clue about the ramifications of peeing in public if it's a toddler or whatever. Ergh. It's all gross tho - I went past that part today and walked around it... It's not rained since ;)

debbie said...

What can I say.. I think I can remember my parents doing the drain in the road thing with me, but then not much traffic then,, if the child is toilet trained then why the heck not use the loo, even pop in the resturant, ok if the kid was so desperate why not have a potta potty or at least if your going to be a dirty cow and pee on the path then was it off after.. and pick the right place not infront of a resturant window for all to see..

Mrs. S. said...

How disgusting!!! I say post it.

The Random One said...

That's a rather amusing visual. Haha.

Em's way said...

Dirty cow, I say post her pic and be damned. You could always just keep it there for a few hours then remove it and deny it was ever here ;)

Either that or send it by email to everyone in your mailbox rofl

Nancy Jensen said...

That is disgusting. I can't believe how lazy she was not to take the child into the restaurant where there's got to be a bathroom. But hey, that would be a good appetite suppressant, right? Watching that sort of thing, that is.

If you are worried about the germs that Dirty Mother left behind, why not tell the restaurant manager about it and let them hose down the sidewalk? Just a thought.