Musical Monday #44 - Wake Up Boo

A song from my mis-spent youth! After chatting with an old friend on Facebook he reminded me of this song. Back in the Day Dave (aka Pogo), Jay, Gemma and Me used to trundle down into Kent to go Live Roleplaying. And we usually crashed in my mums lounge so we could get an early start.

And every weekend, this was the first song we put on while getting our crap together at the arse-crack of dawn! The Boo Radleys - Wake Up Boo is just a good summer song that reminds me of good times, when, between us, we made less than £100 a week training to be accountants, but still managed to hang out and have a good time.

Hurrah for youth! In an effort to see what the old crowd is doing, I'm actually trying to arrange (thanks to the Almighty Being that is Facebook!) a day we can all get back together, somewhere warm, barbecue, chilling out and having a laugh...

And lastly, before I pass out through exhaustion... My new ringtone is perhaps the best, loudest, hardest-to-ignore ringtone in the known universe...

Obviously, I don't have the stupid owl thing, just the sound - this was the first video on the list... So when you phone me, remember, if I am asleep, I will probably kill you. Dead. Hard. And then some more dead.

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2 Responses to “Musical Monday #44 - Wake Up Boo”

Nancy Jensen said...

What an obnoxious ringtone. If you were a stranger sitting near me at a restaurant or yet a movie and your cell phone went off.... I think I would have to kill you! Dead and hard and all that. LOL But it did get the attention of all 4 of my kids who are sitting here playing our new Wii. Wow, something that actually made them stop playing the game system that they have been begging for since it came out - and we have had it less than a week! Well... that ringtone is definitely an attention getter.... you wouldn't be able to ignore that ring... and if you did, someone near you would make you answer it for sure.

ps glad you don't have that ridiculous owl on your phone as well... now that would be just a tad over the edge.

Dan said...

Glad you love it ;) BUT you will be pleased to know it goes off or at least to silent when I am in certain places ;)

Though I often leave it on just for the comedy factor :D

Of course, you think that's bad - Jo loved it so much she stole it and has it as her Text Message alert... Now THAT would be scary!