Musical Monday #45 - Hummingbird

Blah Blah Blah, you already did one Dan. Yes, yes I did. At some point in the wee small hours of the morning. But I keep listening to this song, and Jaysen told me I HAVE to put it on the blog.


Well for one it's currently on the television as an advert. I'm not saying who, but if you can tell me without the Mighty Mighty Google, then go you, gold stars all around.

Anyway, Jaysen says it's a really good song that makes people feel happy. He's not wrong really - I've not listened to the words but it feels good which is part of what I love in my music. And as I'm in a good mood, what the hell - you can't have too much music!

So, for my son, here's Born Ruffians - Hummingbird:

The grass & the daisies
Think a lot more of the days than you
& You're you

The walls of the maze
Know the will more than the way than you
& You're just you

The buttons on my phone
Know I hate to be alone
When I dial, I'm in denial

But now at least I know
Where it is I have to go
I need supplies before I arrive

"You're running down my thigh," she said
"He's such a wonderful guy," she said
"There's pride in wanting to die,
I think I'll give it a try," she said
"I can't make it on my own
& It's so hard to be alone
When I die
I'll be alright,"
& Now at least she knows
Where it is she has to go
She'll need supplies before she arrives

We're not gonna die like this
We're not gonna die like this
Sing it with me, it goes like this
We're not gonna die like this

Fly away little

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One Response to “Musical Monday #45 - Hummingbird”

Em's way said...

The advert is for Orange.. would you like a description? And all without the power of google so I claim my gold stars